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Offer Submission

Businesses are permitted to submit an offer that is tied to their business listing page. Offers are meant to be contextual to the current situation and should be relevant to the COVID-19 crisis. All offers are reviewed by the Things That Are Open team prior to being accepted.

Examples of Offers:

  • A grocery store reserving time in the morning for seniors to shop;
  • Doorstep delivery for businesses that aren’t known for delivery;
  • Online workshops or workouts that would normally be in-person;

If you have questions about whether or not something would be considered an offer, please contact us through the chat tool on this site.

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For example, "Unity Crown Necklace", "Alberta Crest T-Shirt" or "July Bridge Print"


Type "Free” or "Multiple Prices" if applicable

Type "Free” or "Multiple Prices" if applicable

Offer must be available for purchase online. Please provide the link to where your offer can be purchased online.

Where is your offer available?

Tell us a bit about your offer and what makes it unique. Please note, this should be an offer that is relative to the COVID-19 crisis. This is not for regular business promotions or sales.


Share photos of your offer with at least one on a white background if possible. Please ensure photos are at least 1000 pixels wide x 750 pixels high (~100kB) in PNG or JPEG format.

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